Dime Carts

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Dime cartridges are hand filled with special care from the production team, ensuring the best consistency and quality. Then they go through a 7 day steeping cycle to ensure the best hit. There are no compromises to quality when you chose Dime. Buy Dime Online. Order Dime Online



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Firstly, we endeavor to bring the best quality items and innovation to the cannabis business. Beginning Jan first, Dime will present new bundling for 1000mg carts.

The same number of have noted, we have likewise refreshed our bundling on our 500mg disposables. It currently meets all California guidelines for youngster opposition.

All items have be teste, exceptionally strong, full gram cartridges with high THC levels.

These Dime cartridges flavors are accessible. buy dime cart online

In addition, Wedding Cake | Dime OG | Forbidden Fruit | Watermelon | Strawberry Cough | Peach Kush | Jack Fruit | Bubble Gum Kush | Blueberry Lemon Haze | Apple Gelato

Where Can I Buy Dime Disposable Vapes?

You can get top authentic  Dime vape from us at the best prices. Here at Meds420 Dispensary we sell best and top quality carts.

What Batteries Work With Dime THC Vapes?

More so,  we want you to enjoy our tank, to get the full power of Dime. We do suggest our battery but most 510 batteries will make it “work”.

Are Dime Vape Pen Healthy?

Furthermore, Dime Industries vape cartridges have excellent THC content and the high is very strong on the sativa. The distillate within my Dime cartridge was tested at a very nice 85.68% THC.  The high is very uplifting, like a Sativa should be, and it lasts for a good 3 hours. dime carts real vs fake

Are Dime Disposables Rechargeable?

DIME 600mg Disposables:

Our unique re-chargeable feature offers a fresh charge for maximum output after half the use of the product.

In summary, This battery is the ONLY battery we recommend. The Dime 510 thread 650mAh battery features an industry-leading battery technology that provides enough power to last all day, all week, or even all month for light users. Just rush now and shop from us.


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